Guangzhou Xingyu audio hardware factory is located in Panyu District Shiji Town, Guangzhou City, is a professional audio accessories manufacturer, specializing in the production of professional line array speaker accessories (aluminum / wire array hanging, Tian word frame, fast lock plug) professional speaker accessories (eye, angle iron, clasp, U type rack, wiring backplane, decorative strip aluminum, aluminum oxide column) professional surface color treatment. The factory has a complete set of management system, from design, production, sales to check at all levels, has complete after-sales service, has been well received by customers, and has created a good reputation in the market. The company has a steady stream of engineering projects under the strong market competition, which depends on the long-term support and cooperation of the customers.

The company was established in 2008, and has been engaged in the customized development, supporting production and sales service of professional audio accessories for many years. At present the company in the production of the product design, horn, tray, basket, hanger, hanger, bolt, back and other kinds of hardware for a total of eight categories, the total number of more than 3000 specifications of products, widely used in professional stage audio, KTV theater amplifier and other types of equipment, and can according to customer requirements different, provide professional, personalized customization service. The company environment and hardware facilities: located in Guangzhou City, Panyu District Shi Ji Zhen Xiao Long Cun Lang Gang after No. 19, equipped with multiple CNC milling machine (CNC), CNC lathe, punching machine, drilling machine, foaming machine, molding machine, plasma cutting machine and other specialized equipment, the production of various types of other auxiliary equipment, electronic test equipment.

Company personnel and software equipment: professional engineering designers, other types of production technicians, electrical engineering, product management, procurement, warehousing personnel, and so on. For many years in product development, development, production excellence, constantly sum up experience, have certain customization production capacity, meet the personalized needs of different customers, rapid response and timely production, in the industry a good reputation and won the trust of users; the company has its own tool development center, able to independently design and production of various types of special mould; processing from raw materials to manufactured goods are completed by the company of the workshop together, and the product specification of each working procedure, strictly control the quality requirements, to provide high quality and inexpensive matching products for users.

Business philosophy: the service tenet of "customer first, high quality, continuous improvement to our guide" Xingyu has always pursued the service purpose, direction, action. The company not only has a number of values of technical advocacy. And all this is to continuously meet the needs of customers, to survive, to develop by technology, and to seek good reputation by service.